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Every Monday Night

INTAR has been hosting ?Monday Night Salon?, a forum where anyone has the stage for ten minutes and they can perform absolutely anything. It?s an intimate, non-competitive and friendly environment, and absolutely FREE. Sign up begins at 6:30 and the first slot starts at 7pm. There are 10 open slots each night.

Artists can present anything from a scene they have been working on, or a scene they wrote that they?d like to hear with other actors (they can bring their own actors or pick them from the audience to read), a poem, a character they have been developing, or a monologue. It is not limited to only performing a scene. You may also sing, dance, play an instrument, anything to perform in front of a live audience.

The goal is to provide a safe haven where Artists can connect, network, take risks and work on their craft. There is no feed-back (unless requested by the Artists before they begin their work). And this is OPEN to EVERYONE?Not just Latinos.